New Director at the FinnAgora institute in Budapest

Riikkamari Muhonen has been elected as the director for FinnAgora, the Finnish institute of culture, science and economy in Budapest. The position begins the 15th of January 2024 and is a three year mandate period with a possibility for extension.

The Institute supported several performing arts projects in South-East Europe and Finland through the TelepArt Mobility Support programme

The TelepArt Mobility Support programme supports performers in the early and mid stages of their careers and enables them to expand their work internationally. The TelepArt mobility grant is intended to support the travel costs of performances between Finland and Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania.

Sparkling jazz bands to perform at the autumn mini-festival of BMC and FinnAgora

On the last weekend of October, two remarkable Finnish jazz acts will be coming to the highly anticipated New Jazz from Finland festival. Superposition, who will perform on the opening day on 27 October, had their debut album named Jazz Album of the Year in Finland in 2020, while Kaisa’s Machine, who will perform on 28 October, have their new material released this summer by the renowned New York label Greenleaf Music.

Finnish language café 16.11.

Welcome to practise Finnish in a relaxed environment at the annual Finnish language café organised by FinnAgora and Kalevala Friendship Association on 16th November!