Discussion with Finnish dancer Jenna Jalonen

In the second episode of FinnAgora’s brand new podcast, Point Taken, Rebecka Vilhonen talks to Finnish dancer Jenna Jalonen. 

Jenna Jalonen (artistname Triplejay), is a Finnish contemporary dancer who is educated in Hungary and is now based in Belgium and Hungary. In the episode, Jenna and Rebecka discuss the art of dance, the pandemic and its effect on performing arts and the difference between Hungarian and Finnish contemporary dance. 

Interview with István Hegedüs, President of Hungarian Europe Society

In the first episode of FinnAgora’s brand new podcast, Point Taken, our Director  Eero Yrjö-Koskinen talks to István Hegedüs, President of Hungarian Europe Society. They discuss Finnish and Hungarian EU relations, the struggles the EU is currently facing, as well as its future prospects.

Point Taken is FinnAgora’s new podcast series in which we, accompanied by interesting guests from different sectors of society, discuss their experiences and operational fields as well as current topics.

We want to start conversations and draw attention to different actors from Finland and Hungary, to hear their stories, experiences and points of view from their lives and societies.

FinnAgora encourages listeners to have open discussions and curious minds. We hope that our series raises interest and inspires others to do the same.

The podcast is in English. 

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