The event featured excerpts from 25 selected books from different countries, and participants were able to tour from one reading to another around the island to listen as the actors interpreted the books in Hungarian. The theme of the year was Islands, which was represented both in the choice of venue and in the selected books. The event was a collaboration with the EUNIC network and the Vígszínház Theater, where the actors for the readings came from. 

On the first night of the event, the reading of Ulla-Lena Lundberg's Finlandia Award-winning novel Ice was hosted by FinnAgora in the atmospheric Chapel of St. Michael on Margaret Island. The novel takes place in a post-war community living on islands, where the family of a young priest moves to live. In the summer, residents rebuild their futures and in the winter the isolated islands are connected by ice.

The excerpt of the book was read by the charismatic Ferenc Borbiczki. He has been an actor in the Vígszínház theater since 1991 and has performed in almost a hundred plays, as well as in several movies, especially as a voice actor. His deep voice and empathetic performance make him an impressive actor, and a great reader to this event. In total, over 200 people gathered to listen to the reading.

On Wednesday, there were a total of eight readings for listeners to go to and listen to the different readings and the interpretations. The event continued the next day with new books and readers.