Finnish reality game designer Pekko Koskinen and #COPPP at the Reality Research Festival in Budapest
21.10.2016 /10:00 - 23.10.2016 /15:15

Finnish reality game designer Pekko Koskinen and #COPPP at the Reality Research Festival in Budapest

The Finnish reality game designer Pekko Koskinen will be attending a site specific social project #COPPP on 21.-23.10. in Budapest. #COPPP is organized as a part of the Reality Research Festival 2k16 taking place in October.

Pekko Koskinencreates realities based on game design, playing around with combinations of art and everyday life. His works have included fictional religions, social forms, conceptual tools and self-designs. Many of these interact with everyday life. His traditional artworks have been exhibited all over the world, in Athens, the Mercosul Biennials in Brazil, Volksbühne in Germany and New York. He's currently one of the artistic directors of Reality Research Center, based in Finland, and a core member of YKON, an advocacy group for utopian thought.

#COPPP helps us navigate different realities, comparing and contrasting different times. It observes and researches “the nature of waiting in public” in the areas where such waiting regularly occurs. It helps us see our environment in a new way, in terms of what it really is and what it could become. As a new type of flexible city location and social engine, #COPPP redefines our everyday life’s possibilities by teaching us to read attitude-based messages, interpreting suggestions in a specific, but still individual, way.

#COPPP is decentralized. It builds on existing social networks, hacks the average situation design of our everyday technology. #COPPP is a hashtag. It is an institution. #COPPP is everywhere. #COPPP is the IKEA for time.

#COPPP is a part of Reality Research Festival 2k16 (21.-27.10-2016) by Kitchen Budapest and PLACCC. You can find more info and the whole program of the festival on the Facebook event:


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Supported by: Robert Bosch Stiftung, FinnAgora, PLACCC, Kitchen Budapest
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