Katinka Hosszú is the ambassador of the Finnish novel Ihana Meri
06.03.2019 /17:45 - 07.04.2019 /17:45

Katinka Hosszú is the ambassador of the Finnish novel Ihana Meri

Kira Poutanen’s first novel Ihana Meri (trans. Wonderful Sea) was published as the next edition in the POKET series at the end of February in Hungary. POKET is a community building and reading popularization nonprofit project. The colorful POKET-books are available in book vending machines around Budapest. Poutanen’s novel touches the topic of anorexia and tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Julia. FinnAgora has supported the new publishing of the novel.

FinnAgora met the ambassador of the book, the Hungarian swimmer and multiple Olympic gold metalist Katinka Hosszú, at the book launch party.

FinnAgora (FA): It is a great pleasure that you have answered our request to become the ambassador of Kira Poutanen’s book Ihana Meri. Why did you accept such a call?

Katinka Hosszú (KH): As I heard about the theme of the topic I immediately thought this is an important message. Teenage girls, school stress and anorexia are so often heard nowdays, but it is rare that we meet this in a book. Also I like the idea of POKET, as it aims to create communities. So many teenagers are isolated. This is something sport can also do much about, as we do in my swimschool.

FA: Kira Poutanen’s book was an extremely popular book in 2001. It received many prizes. How did you like the book?

KH: It was very personal, that was quite shocking. The diary format makes it very intense, at some parts even scary. I was worrying for the girl, Julia. But luckily the story ends well. This too is an important message, stress and anorexia is not necessarily ending in a tragedy. Parents, friends, teachers can help a lot if they care.

FA: Thank you very much for your answers and once again for being the ambassador for the book. Just to make sure that the book reaches teachers too FinnAgora gave 60 copies of it to teachers in Hunagarian schools.


In the photo with Katinka Hosszú the POKET project initiator, actor Vecsei H. Miklós.

For more information about POKET project and the books, visit: 
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