FinnAgora’s year has included many kinds of projects and events, many kinds of tasks. In January we were still worried about whether, after a long break, we would be able to arrange face-to-face events again. It became possible and during the year of FinnAgora has held several interesting events: seminars, films, exhibitions, literature, music and many meetings on different forums.

The FinnAgora foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary in Helsinki in October. Our foundation operating in Finland founded the institute in Budapest two years later and since then a lot has happened in both the foundation and the institute. The people have changed, and at our anniversary it was a great pleasure to meet many of our alumni, both previous board members of the foundation as personnel and interns of the institute. There were a lot of common memories to share!

During 2022 I have worked as interim director of FinnAgora twice, for a total of nine months. I will continue in this position until the new director of FinnAgora is appointed and s(he) can start in this important work. As many know, I previously worked as the director of FinnAgora in 2008-09 and after that as a member of the board and its working committee. I have been asked several times what the director’s work is like at the culture and academic institutes. I have answered that it is in many ways a dream job for a person who is enthusiastic and wants to inspire others, who dares to test own competence limits in different kinds of projects, who can give space to others and who enjoys working with different people.

I would like to thank all the partners of FinnAgora both in Finland and Hungary. I would like to thank several organizations as well as individual artists and experts who have worked with us. And thank you to all who have participated in our events, who have followed us through different communication channels and who have come to speak to us and maybe also to propose new ideas.

Many thanks to FinnAgora’s personnel and interns for this year. A lot of work has been done and results have been achieved. You all have been important to me.

We will continue next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 to you all.


Anneli Temmes

Interim Director of FinnAgora