The Embassy of Finland and FinnAgora organised a seminar about effective public administration in the premises of the Embassy of Finland in Budapest on Tuesday 29th of March 2022. During the seminar various topics were discussed from trends and practices as well as good outcomes and challenges in public sector development in Finland and in Hungary.

The presentations given by Vice-Rector Norbert Kis and professor Tamás Kaiser (National Public Service University) dealt with public sector development in Hungary including measuring efficiency, defining goals, outcomes and indicators and strategies of public administration. Anneli Temmes, Interim Director of FinnAgora, gave a presentation about trends and latest development in state sector administration in Finland including main contents of reforms, results achieved, and challenges met. Deputy Head of Mission Henna Knuuttila (Embassy of Finland) handled international comparison of public sector introducing also samples for the World Bank comparison.

It was possible to find both similarities and differences in public sector development between Finland and Hungary. Also, many of the challenges in development work were familiar to all speakers. The importance of setting realistic goals and measurable indicators, defining not too many priorities and combining strategies to practical level were among the discussion topics. The importance of well-functioning public administration to the welfare of the country was underlined.

Among the participants were professors and teachers, civil servants and students of public administration.