Anneli Temmes has been appointed as the Secretary General of the FinnAgora Foundation with effect from 1.1.2024. She will be succeeding Mikko Lohikoski, who has served in this position for the entire 21 years of the FinnAgora Foundation's existence, as well as for some time before that, in connection with the establishment of the Foundation. Anneli currently serves on the Board of the FinnAgora Foundation and has also worked as the Director of FinnAgora Institute in Budapest during 2008-09 and and as a temporary director in 2022 and 2023.  

  “I have quite the shoes to fill, but it's good to continue from here," says Anneli. A lot of work has been done both at the Foundation and at the Instiute in Budapest over the years, and there are certainly many new opportunities ahead. The most important thing is that we have enthusiastic and talented people involved, both in the Institute and on the Board."  

  Jyrki Myllyvirta is the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation that oversees the Institute.