Visit the Nordic Fashion illustration exhibition
26.09.2016 /19:00 - 10.10.2016 /16:15

Visit the Nordic Fashion illustration exhibition

The Nordic Fashion Illustration exhibition is a collaboration between the Finnish Institute Finnagora, the Estonian Institute, the Danish Embassy, the Norwegian Embassy and the cultural centre Eröművház. The event is also supported by the Hungarian Association of Architects (Magyar Építőművészek Szövetsége). The opening of the exhibition will be held the 26th of September at 7 pm.

During the Fashion Illustration exhibition you can discover the ever popular genre of fashion illustration through the works of Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian artists. The exhibition presents typical fashion illustration techniques and the latest trends from five different countries and 21 artists. The programme accompanying the exhibition highlights the possible points of contact between fashion and other artforms. For instance, one can enjoy a Finnish movie about the Marimekko founder Armi Ratia called "Armi elää!" (2015) the 5th of October.

The exhibition is part of the official programme of Budapest Design Week.


Exhibiting artists:

Denmark: Mads Berg, Naja Conrad-Hansen, Lisa Grue, Mia Marie Overgaard.
Estonia: Katlin Kaljuvee, Anu Samarüütel British base in Samos, Marju Tamm.
Finland: Jarno Kettunen, Annu Kilpeläinen, Laura Laine, Riikka Sormunen.
Norway: Esra Rois, Natalie Foss, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Hans Christian Oren.
Sweden: Sara Andreasson, Cecilia Carlstedt, Daniel Egneus, Stina Persson, Liselotte Watkins.
Curated by Toomas Volkmann.


The exhibitions free accompanying programs:

September 28th 6:30 PM - FashionKino:
Stiilipidu, Estonian feature film, 2005, 110 minutes, with Hungarian subtitles.

October 5th, 6:30 PM - FashionKino:
Armi elää! Finnish feature film, 2015, 84 min, with Hungarian subtitles.

October 7th, 6:30 PM - FashionTalk:
Conversation about fashion and fashion illustration
Participants: Anett Hajdu (textile designer, fashion illustrator) Mihálkovics Edina (graphic, fashion illustrator), Puskás Marcell (graphic designer), moderator: Pottery-Zentai Lili.

October 12th, 6:30 PM - FashionKino:
The Demon Neon, Danish-French-American feature film, 2016, 118 minutes, with Hungarian subtitles.

October 14th, 6:30 – DJ + FashionLit:
Fashion and literature

October 19, 6:30 - FashionKino:
Moest väljas, Estonian documentary, 2015, 60 min, English subtitles.
Winny Puhh: Maailma veidraim band Estonian documentary, 2013, 50 min, English subtitles.




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You can read more about the program here.