Dear all

This is the first ever blog of FinnAgora and I´m very happy to be the first writer. Let´s start by telling you who we are and what we do.

FinnAgora is an independent, foundation based, non-profit Finnish institute working in the fields of culture, science and economy. We are funded partly from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and partly from private foundations as well as companies. Networking Finnish and Hungarian people, organisations and companies is our main objective.

FinnAgora organises different cultural activities in Hungary, mainly in Budapest. We also grant support for travel costs for Finnish and Hungarian performing artists. The TelepART Mobility Support Platform is also active in the neighbouring countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Romania. Have a closer look at

In this blog all of our team members, and every now and then also invited external guests, will publish interesting stories, photos as well videos. You will get to know us and our activities.

I personally want to focus on facts about Finland and things happening over there. Here´s the first fact: Did you know that Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish? We also have the Sami People who have their own languages spoken mainly in Lapland, in the Northern part of Finland. Finland is a multicultural country with many immigrant groups and the biggest immigrant language is Russian, followed by Estonian. Here is more info about the different languages in Finland.

Our small but efficient team is working strongly to keep the contacts between Finland and Hungary alive so it helps that we speak many languages: Finnish, English, Hungarian, Swedish and German and French. Nobody of us speaks all of them but everyone speaks at least two of those languages.  

Keep tuned!

Cita Högnabba Lumikero