At Finn Filmnapok Finnish and Hungarian students have collaborated in making short films. These talented students have been coordinated by the very ambitious Dóra Laky. She has been a central figure in making this project possible. You can see the short films on Friday the 7th at 16.00 at Premier Kultcafé, the event is free and will showcase the future talents of Finnish and Hungarian moviemaking. 

We asked Dóra some questions about the project. 


How did you get an idea for this project? 

Last year I teamed up with the Embassy of Finland and FinnAgora for a Finnish-Hungaria student film event. We invited Finnish students who I met during my exchange studies in Tampere and we screened their films also the Finnish-Hungarian coproducted short film I made in Finland. This year FinnAgora reached out to me to have a similar event for the Finnish Film Days in Budapest. As far as I knew no one made a Finnish-Hungaria student film in the past year so I thought "We should make some". My plan was to create groups of international filmmaker students to shoot movies in Budapest and to screen them at the Film Days. 


What has been the best part of the project?

For me the best part was to match Finnish writers with Hungarian directors. I tried to create teams where people have similar styles - or on the contrary very different points of views. It made me happy to see how they got along and built their projects together. 


Have you learnt anything new during this project and would you do this kind of shortfilm project again? 

I was the producer for all the films, while I made a film on my own as well. It was a lot of work, but I loved that I was part of all the projects and that I could help them to make the best movies possible. I absolutely would do it again! Hopeully next year we can imrpove the event yet again! 


Anything else you would like to say to people attending Finn Filmnapok? 

Please come to the event and watch our short films! 


The films are shown at Premier Kultcafé the 7th of February at 16.00. The event is free.