Presenting Aleksi Salmenperä

Picture of Aleksi Salmenperä directing his previous film Jättiläinen (c) Malla Hukkanen, Helsinki-filmi.

On Thursday the 6th of February Aleksi Salmenperäs movie Void will be showing at the Finnish Film Days Finn Filmnapok. After the showing of the movie there will be a Q&A with the director himself. Salmenperä has directed many successful movies and Void was also a nominee for the Finnish Oscar-nomination. In Void we get to see the story of an artistic couple played by Laura Birn and Tommi Korpela. Korpela has been in many of Salmenperäs previous films. We asked Aleksi Salmenperä some questions about his attendence at Finn Filmnapok and what kind of thoughts he has of coming to Budapest. 


What kind of feelings do you have about attending Finn Filmnapok and what are you most looking forward to in your visit to Budapest? 

- I have not been to Budapest before, so I am in a very curious mood about the city. I am looking forward to going for long jogging runs in the city. 

What was it like making Void

- Making Void was a leap into the unknown. It is the most rewarding creative process I have ever been a part of. 

Is there anything else you want to tell the audience? 

- In this movie there is a happier ending than in my movies in general. 


You can see Void the 6.2 at 20.00 at Toldi Mozi. You can purchase tickets in advance from here: 

The movie is in Finnish and there are Hungarian and English subtitles.