FinnAgora as part of pARTir, a collaborative project with ten other Finnish cultural institutes, is organising an open call for a three-month artist residency and a one-month exhibition in Budapest, Hungary. The aim of the project is to promote sustainable and long-term internationalisation of Finnish art. The project aims to establish and support socially and ecologically sustainable practices for international mobility in the arts field for art from Finland. The perspective of social and ecological sustainability will be present throughout the project. The residency is for artists based and working in Finland. 



The artist residency will be arranged for three months at AQB, Art Quarter Budapest. The exhibition will be organised at the end of the residency in the Art Quarter Budapest gallery. Residency and exhibition time would be in fall 2024, either September – November or October – December.

AQB residency program offers all entering participants a fully furnished room within a communal apartment located on the AQB premises, as well as a studio space catering to the project’s requirements.

AQB offers varied services to integrate the residents into the local art scene and assist in establishing professional connections that best support their work and career. The AQB personnel provides assistance throughout the program, catering to practical needs related to life in Budapest, obtaining necessary materials, equipment, and more.

The residency program offers broad possibilities for artists, including cooperation among various disciplines, backgrounds, and interests, to serve as sources of inspiration.

For the residency program we are open to artists from all art fields that the residency can support. These fields are: fine arts, performance, audiovisual art, and music and sound. The residency has mainly hosted visual artists, but is equipped for all art fields listed. 

FinnAgora as part of the pARTir project will offer the following for the artist in residency: 

  • Residency time and exhibition 
  • Artist fee 1000€ per month in residency 
  • Travel covered to and from Finland. We encourage travel by land. 
  • Materials during residency 
  • A 2-day trip to Vienna for networking and to get acquainted with the Vienna art scene. According to the interests of the artist, we can also help to arrange study and networking trips to other locations in Hungary or the neighbouring countries.


To apply: 

Application is open 17.5 – 31.5.2024. The decision will be made in June in collaboration with AQB curators. 

To apply, please send a portfolio of your work and a motivational letter with an initial plan for your residency time to 

Please note that the exhibition at the end of the residency does not have to only entail works completed during the residency period, and previous works can also be exhibited. The possible freight and postal costs will be discussed with FinnAgora. 

pARTir is an international project of Finnish institutes worldwide to support sustainable and ecological mobility in the arts field. We wish the perspective of ecological and sustainable thinking to be present in projects completed within the framework of pARTir. We encourage the applying artists to have this in consideration when it comes to materials used in the art pieces, and strongly encourage travel by land which will be covered by the project. 


More info on AQB.

Pictures by Sanni Majamaa and aqb.