The Finnish Institute in Hungary is currently preparing its work programme for 2023. We hope to widen the scope of our activities with local stakeholders, including professionals in art and culture, universities, civil society organisations and the private sector in different parts of Hungary. 

We would welcome any new initiatives and proposals for collaboration that would be innovative and sustainable, and that would promote equality, inclusivity and mutual understanding.

As FinnAgora operates with restricted resources, we would ask you to send us your proposal, which should contain at least the following information:

-What are the aims and long-term goals of the project

-Draft programme and key participants of the project

-Timetable and budget

-FinnAgora’s role and funding in the project

Based on your proposal, it will be easier to evaluate our capacities to participate in the project.

You can send in your proposals, or if you have further questions, to either: 

Cultural Manager Anna Tilly (, +36 20 250 1077) in Hungarian, English or Finnish or to Event Producer Rebecka Vilhonen (, +36 20 402 3416) in Finnish, Swedish or English.