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Cita Högnabba-Lumikero says goodbye to Budapest

FinnAgora’s director is changing on February 1st when Cita Högnabba-Lumikero leaves her role. Högnabba-Lumikero, who has been FinnAgora’s director for more than 5 years, is happy to leave for Finland. She is grateful for the years past and good collaboration with FinnAgora’s partners.

- My term in Budapest has been versatile and I’ve had the fortune to work with highly professional people that I plan on staying in touch with in the future as well.

Out of her term’s productions she wants to mention introducing the Finnish educational system, the dialogue on freedom of speech and themes regarding equality as well as start-up businesses – not to mention interesting exhibitions and making name for Finnish film, literature, and music. Her term has been filled with so many productions made with a qualified team that mentioning all of them would take up way too much space.

- I have also learned a lot. Us Finns and Hungarians are similar, but different as well, and open dialogue is important. We must keep our doors open to the world to gain inspiration and experience from one another.

From the local cultural scene, she will miss the concerts of classical music and the wide opera selection. She will never forget the beautiful Budapest with its alleyways and market halls, not to mention the city’s big parks and hills to hike on.

- I had planned to travel more during my last year in Hungary, but unfortunately the pandemic interfered with my plans.

FinnAgora’s new director Eero Yrjö-Koskinen starts in Budapest at the beginning of February and brings new directions to FinnAgora’s programme with the institute’s team. He is an experienced professional and very excited to tackle his new duties.

- Eero gets to work in a fantastic institute and a beautiful city. I wish him all the best and I am sure he will enjoy his stay, Cita concludes.