Finnish Institute FinnAgora is operating in Budapest. The institution is located in the building of the Embassy of Finland and maintains a close cooperation with the Embassy, however it works as an independent organisation in Hungary. FinnAgora’s main mission is to represent and advocate Finland, its culture, its scientific results, as well as the country’s economic actors in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries. Our institution puts a special emphasis on the current trends in arts and in science. The prevailing director of FinnAgora is Eero Yrjö-Koskinen.

FinnAgora is one of the 17 cultural and scientific institutions of Finland. Founded in 2004, the main objective of the institution is to raise the presence of Finnish artists, scientists and as economic and social actors in Central Europe. So FinnAgora is basically an intermediary whose activities are based on the excellent knowledge of the actors of Finnish culture, science and economy and on the tight cooperation with Hungarian and international organisations.

There are several Finnish and Hungarian cultural, scientific, educational and economic institutions and numerous companies and NGO among FinnAgora’s collaborating partners.

The institution is maintained by a foundation with a board of directors consisting of representatives from several cities, higher education institutions, ministries as well as cultural, economic or civil organisations. FinnAgora is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The president of our foundation is metropolitan bishop Ambrosius. The representative of the foundation in Finland is Mikko Lohikoski.

FinnAgora's Strategy 2015-2020.