TelepART - here to help you perform!

SISUS Circus performing at Sziget Festival in 2019, TelepART support made their performance possible.

Performing outside of your home

FinnAgora is part of administrating a travel funding system called TelepART. The system was created to support artists financially in performances abroad. There was a lack of quick and small funding systems that can be applied for by a wide range of performing artists and TelepART was created to fill that void.  

FinnAgora administrates TelepART funding for artists who are going to perform in Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia or Hungary. Artist can apply for funding if they have a performance planned in Finland in any of the mentioned countries. The funding must be used to pay for travel, accommodation or for example freight costs related to the performance.

Each application is processed in co-operation with artistic foundations in Finland and an answer is given within 2 weeks.

This can all seem difficult to grasp so as a practical example let’s say a musician is going to perform in Finland and they live in Prague, they can apply to have his/hers/theirs flight tickets covered by TelepART. They can apply to get parts of the costs covered if the performance is planned and is going to happen with or without TelepART support.  

TelepART has supported a large variety of different performance artists. We have supported puppet theatres in their travels from Finland to Slovenia. We have supported bands tours and their travels from Hungary to Finland and back. We have also supported performance artists who are Finnish but live in Berlin and were traveling to perform in Croatia.

We hope to encourage artist to apply and to bring their performance abroad and to Finland! We want to make it easier to start a career internationally and to support up and coming artist.

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