Lessons learned from quarantine

Budapest is approaching summer and the Corona regulations are slowly being lifted with it: cafés, shops, gyms and pubs are opening their doors to the public again. While life is getting back to how it used to be, it’s important to think of the lessons these challenging times taught us. Here is my list of things I’ve learned during my time of quarantine.

I found a new daily routine

It may have been difficult at first, but I learned to see this as a different period in my life - and not necessarily a bad one - even if I didn’t choose it. It simply means a different rhythm of life; besides working from home, my daily routine prioritized looking after myself, both on the physical and the mental level. I watched a lot of new movies, read books that I hadn’t previously had time for, tried new relaxation techniques and completed lots of online courses. It was most certainly an unusual experience, but with lots of added benefits.

I stayed connected

I had a chance to communicate with important people in my life in different ways than before. I was happy to notice that this actually meant more frequent phone calls instead of chatting on social media, with a lot of in-depth conversations with those I care about. As everybody was struggling because of the situation, it was greatly comforting to share our experiences to each other and offer support. Even though we could not see each other for a long time, this was a great way staying close – or maybe even getting closer - to those who matter.

I focused on the things I enjoy

Self-care became extremely important during these exceptional times; I found that daily exercise and spending more time in nature were absolute must-haves for a balanced psyche. I experimented with different meditation techniques, learned about mindfulness and tried out different types of incense - Tibetan Bdellium is my absolute favourite! I also found beauty in the little things; putting on a new face mask, testing new perfume samples or playing video games online became small rituals instead of everyday situations. I learned to be more present in the moment, which gave me more balance. This is definitely something I’m thankful for and taking away as a lesson.

I learned to manage my media consumption

Speculation doesn’t help. Looking up and following trustworthy sources on the outbreak does. Rumor only fuels anxiety; having access to good quality information about the virus can help us feel more in control. There was such a huge coverage about the outbreak that some of the news inevitably caused us stress. While you should stay informed and up-to-date, try to limit your news intake if it is bothering you. Are there particular accounts or people that are increasing your worry or anxiety? Consider muting or unfollowing accounts or hashtags that make you feel anxious. At the same time, if you are sharing content, please be responsible and use trusted sources; remember that your friends and loved ones might be worried too.

Even though I’m through some challenging times, I can honestly say that this experience also gave me a lot and I’ve grown as a person. I’m more aware, more present and more balanced than before, so I think it’s safe to say that Corona did not win. I hope you all could make the best out of the weeks behind us and learned something positive about yourselves, regardless of the circumstances. Either way, be strong, stay safe and take care of each other! The light at the end of the tunnel is already shining through.


Written by Cultural Manager Anna Tilly