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Wild at Heart -design exhibition

16/09/2019 - 16:15

Wild at Heart – A Collection of Modern Finnish Design and Art is curated by young designer Tero Kuitunen, that offers its viewers a look into the protean world of contemporary Finnish design.

Finnish design is known abroad for its high quality and distinct silhouettes. Often, the design pieces that come to mind are somewhat subdued with clean lines and natural colours. There is also often an egalitarian side to them as Finns consider the ability to address societal problems and offer solutions to them a hallmark of good design. However, there is more to Finnish design than that. The name Wild at Heart stems from this lesser known side of Finnish design and culture: behind its often modest and practical front there is a wild sense of humour and passion to be found and enjoyed. The exhibition allows its viewers to dive off into the depths of Finnish contemporary design and see what is happening right now.


I especially want to highlight how multifaceted Finnish design is. I think we are currently living in a design Renaissance, where people move more freely between different creative territories”, says curator Tero Kuitunen.

Eleven designers have been selected to show some of their works on the three stages. What the chosen creators have in common is that they move boldly in the intersection of art and design and that they work fearlessly with wild hearts and open minds.

The exhibition can be seen at hybridartspace gallery in Budapest from the 10.10 to 31.10. The gallery is open to visitors from Tuesday to Friday from 3pm-6pm. You can visit the exhibition during other times but you have to contact the gallery for them to make arrangements, which they are happy to do.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/371438213746777/