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TelepART: Ilona Jäntti’s circus performance To Every Cloud on 28th April in Zagreb

Ilona Jäntti’s circus show To Every Cloud will be presented in Zagreb on 28th April, at the Cirkobalkana Circus festival. Wire, silk and rope: Jäntti’s performance uses these materials to explore the relationship between soft and hard and between the human body and the material.

Jäntti studied circus art in Stockholm, at the Circus Piloterna circus academy. She also obtained a master’s degree in contemporary dance choreography from the Laban Centre in London. Jäntti has a considerable background in circus art, dance and theatre. She has cooperated with e.g. Shakespeare’s Globe and the Royal Opera House in London.

28th of April from 20:00-

in the courtyard of Pogon Jedinstvo & Club Močvara, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

Director: Ilona Jäntti

Lighting designer: Kauri Klemelä

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