Joulupukki – The original Finnish Santa Claus visits Hungary

The Original Finnish Santa Claus arrives for the 13th time to Hungary in the end of November 2015. Santa Claus, or Joulupukki as the Finnish children call him, comes from the Lappish town of Rovaniemi with Finnair’s Santa Claus airplane to the Liszt Ferenc Airport on Saturday 28th November around 11 am.

During his nine day stay in Hungary, Joulupukki will visit several towns and villages around the country, spreading the Christmas spirit to everyone. In addition to the public events, Joulupukki is also going to visit schools and orphanages. He is going to travel to Surd and Zalaszentbalázs, and the children can also meet him in Nagykanizsa, Pécs, Komló, Geresdlak, Ajka and Veszprém. In Budapest people may meet him in the Shoebox Castle of the Hungarian Baptist Aid in Deák tér and in the Christmas Market in Vörösmarty tér.

Joulupukki’s visit to Hungary is organized by Finnagora, the Finnish Institute in Budapest.

Joulupukki’s public events:

  • 29 November, 15.00: Budapest, Deák tér, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s Shoebox castle
  • 30 November, 10.00: Budapest, Szabó Ervin Library of Kőbánya, 1110 Szent László tér 7-14.
  • 1 December, 15.30: Gödöllő, Christmas House, Szabadság út 4
  • 2 December, 17.00: Pécs, Széchenyi tér, Christmas Fair
  • 2 December, 12.30: Komló
  • 3 December, 13.00: Surd, Integrált Közösségi és Szolgáltató Tér
  • 3 December, 15.30: Zalaszentbalázs, Kulturotthon, Kossuth utca 92.
  • 4 December, 9.30: Zalaszentgrót, Művelődési Központ, Batthyány utca 9.
  • 5 December, 9.00: Veszprém, Petőfi Theater, Óvári Ferenc utca 2.
  • 5 December, 16:00: Ajka, Szabadság tér 12
  • 6 December, 10.00: Budapest, Vörösmarty tér, Christmas market

In case of any questions please call:
Lilla Bogdán
+36 20 557 15 47