17/05/2017 - 09:00

The centre theme of this year’s very first Future Work Festival held on May 17, 2017 in Akvárium Klub is the Finnish education system. True to its name, Future Work Festival covers topics such as the changing world of work and the new lines and future challenges in education. What should young people study today to become a competitive workforce in ten years? What will future workplaces look like? How does digitalisation influence the world of work? Where will the actual work take place? These are some of the questions the several leading Hungarian and international experts will try to give answers to during the one day festival.

The festival will begin with two plenary talks on Finnish education and will move on with two exciting workshops. The Finnish education system is rightly world famous– Finnish students are among the best ones in PISA tests. The same goes for the teacher training system in Finland which is also in the forefront worldwide. However, this is why–from time to time–the Finnish school system has to be renewed to meet the challenges and demands of the future. The Finnish lecturers will talk about the best practices of their education system as well as the latest changes and experiments. The first plenary lecture will be given by Finnish Counsellor of Education, Marjaana Manninen on the structural changes that took place in the Finnish school system in 2016. In the second plenary teacher, trainer and writer, Pekka Peura will introduce his own teaching method based on individual learning. The main characteristic of his model is that the teacher does not use the frontal method to teach the class the theoretical curriculum but the students acquire it individually or working together in small groups.

The aim of Future Work Festival is to provide useful information for education professionals, for parents directly involved, and for anyone interested in the changes of the worlds of education and work in the future. For further information about the agenda, the lecturers and the workshops, please visit the website of the Festival.

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