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Finnish artist Salla Tykkä’s exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest

Finnish video artist Salla Tykkä's work will be on display at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest. The exhibition opens on the 6th October 2018 an continues until January 2019. The exhibition is one of the biggest ever of an Finnish artist in Budapest.

Salla Tykkä began her career in the mid-1990s. Her short films have been shown not only at international exhibitions but also in film festival competitions. For her work Giant, also on display at the Ludwig Museum, she received the Canon Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2014.

According to the Curator of the Ludwig Museum Zsuzsanna Petró, Sallas work is inspired by personal childhood memories and recurring dreams. Although her stories cannot be considered autobiographical works. She transforms personal perspectives through disciplined narrative techniques into generic metaphors of audiovisual memory and the manifestations of external and internal control.

Place: Ludwig Museum, Palace of Arts, Budapest

Time: 6.10.2018 - 6.1.2019