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Barlast at New Jazz from Finland

Barlast is releasing their second album in 2019 and is playing a concert at the Opus Jazz Club as a part of the record release tour.

Barlast (Swedish for ballast) creates spacious new music. The silence can be heard between the notes. Everything unnecessary is stripped away. Only the name remains as ballast.

The Finnish group Barlast released their debut album Ihantola (LLS03/Texicalli Digital) in February 2017. Most of the album was recorded in the round attic tower of the 110 year old Ihantola building in Helsinki. If you listen closely, you can sometimes hear the soundscape of the hip Kallio district.

With folk music and jazz as the starting point the ensemble creates new music defying genre borders. At times the music is strictly arranged, at times the band indulges in completely free improvisations.


23.2.2019, 20:00.

Opus Jazz Club (Budapest Music Center), 1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.

Photo: Philip Holm